Coin Sourcing

The numismatic art of collecting and selling rare coins occurs on a global scale. It is not uncommon for rare coins from Russia, America, South Africa and the UK to find themselves being auctioned and sold for eye watering amounts in auction houses around the world.

Many collectors may find their coins from these sources, while others rely on long-term relationships with one or two dealers. Many sadly make the cardinal mistake of sourcing them from pawn shops or online sites where they are liable to get taken for a ride on price and grade.

Instead of taking that risk, why not get Sourcing Coins to source your coins? After all, we specialise in buying, selling and sourcing British Early Milled gold and silver coins, including gold guineas, gold sovereigns and silver crowns that are highly sought after as both investment pieces and collectible coins.

Sourcing Coins offer to source quality items at prices you will like. Not only do we stock quality coins but, we can also source almost any coin to help you complete or improve your collection.

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