Why invest in rare coins?

Collecting and investing in rare coins is a passion that compels people to travel all over the world – from London to New York – for shows, conventions, auctions and to secure private sales.  It is another heritage asset market that is breaking records at auction.  The value of rare coins exchanging hands in US alone was worth between four and a half billion US dollars to five billion US dollars in 2015 – although one expert estimated it at six billion US dollars.

When you invest in coins you invest in history.  Rare coins have been collected and used as a store of wealth for centuries and rare, quality items have consistently shown price appreciation through the years.  Because rare coins are an asset class that isn’t correlated to other mainstream, traditional assets it is largely unaffected by volatility and downturns in other markets.

Every coin tells a story; why was it minted and when, who did it once belong to, what was happening in the world when it was created.  There is always someone in the world looking for a coin to fill a gap in their collection.

What makes an investment grade coin?

Numismatic coins are different from regular bullion gold and silver coins.  While the spot price of precious metals may have a small effect on their value, rare coins are uncorrelated and have the potential to appreciate in value irrespective of what’s happening in financial or precious metal markets.  The value of rare coins is more dependent on factors such as condition, rarity and, of course, demand.  As with any investment, if you are investing in coins it’s important to take solid advice before proceeding.  All our stock is picked by our experts and comes with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

How we pick coins for your portfolio

The majority of our investors are not professional numismatists  (coin experts) or even avid collectors and you don’t have to be an expert to invest. Our dedicated team will look after you and after every aspect of the investment process, from start to finish.

When you choose to invest with us, we offer you balanced portfolio of investment-grade collectibles all specially selected by our experts for their authenticity, rarity and propensity for growth.  Although history has shown rare coins to be a stable investment, we would always recommend a diverse portfolio to minimize risk – and of course, past performance is not a guarantee for the future.

Tracking the investment performance of coins

As an example of how rare and collectible coins have appreciated in value, Sourcing Coins have picked five rare coins from the ‘Spink’ Coins of England & The United Kingdom Standard Catalogue Of British Coins and have used an issue from 1990 and 2016 to show Spink valuations on these particular five coins, the following table and graph shown below shows an increased in value of almost 700%.

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