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We specialise in buying, selling and sourcing British gold and silver coins, including gold sovereigns, gold guineas and silver crowns. These valuable coins are highly sought after as both investment pieces and collectible coins for private individuals. Coins are attractive to investors as they hold their value very well. As gold coins have an intrinsic value due to the material, they don’t really depreciate in the same way as many other assets. We have seen the popularity of valuable coins rise due to the global recession. During more difficult economic times, many non-numismatists begin to think about whether those old coins they have hiding away may be worth something.

Sourcing Coins offer to source quality items at prices you will definitely like. Not only do we stock quality coins but, we can also source almost any coin to help you complete or improve your collection.

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Buying Coins

Are you a seasoned collector looking for a unique coin to complement your coin collection or are you new to the coin collecting market?

Allow Sourcing Coins to guide and help you to pull together a collection of British milled, hammered, gold or silver coins, for example gold sovereigns. Modern day Sovereigns were struck in the United Kingdom from 1817 to 1917, in 1925 and from 1957. These coins were also minted around the world in countries such as Australia (Perth/Melbourne/Sydney), India(Bombay), Canada (Ottawa), and South Africa (Pretoria). In addition to the sovereign, the Royal Mint also half sovereigns, Two Pound and Five-Pound pieces but, only the Sovereign and the Half Sovereign were commonly minted for circulation.

Sourcing Coins specialises in British early milled gold and silver coins, Bullion and Proof’s as well as other old collectible coins. If you are considering a collection of British coins of any type, please contact us today. We concern our self with originality whether you are looking for a coin worth £100 or £10,000, Sourcing Coins will provide you with an excellent customer service including honest professional answers to your questions about the best quality coins on the market.

Selling Coins

Are you considering selling your coin or a collection of coins? We buy early British gold and silver coins, such as sovereigns, Proof and Bullion sovereigns and collections of gold and silver coins you may have for sale. If you wish to speak to one of our experts, please don’t hesitate give us a call today.
One sign that our experts in London will look out for when working out the value of collectible coins is their grade. There is a huge difference in the value from a coin in poor condition that has been in circulation to a coin in fantastic condition that hasn’t been in circulation.

If required, we can also travel to you and help you determine the value of your coin or collection in the comfort of your own home or office at a time that’s most convenient to you.

Don’t sell your valuables to any local dealer or pawn shop, contact trusted experts who will make the selling of your coins profitable and transparent. Contact Sourcing Coins now on 01268 859 671 or at [email protected]

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